About Shubho

Photo Credit: Dhaneshwar Shah, Delhi.

Short BIO

Shubho Saha is a Dhaka-based interdisciplinary artist, a founding member of the artist collective Back ART Foundation, and the director of the Dhaka Live Art Biennale (D’LAB). As a leading advocate for the contemporary art field in Bangladesh, his recent achievement included three-month Asian Cultural Council (ACC) fellowship to research contemporary art practice in the USA. The aim of his work is to discover the secret relationship of nature with its inner self. The abstraction of this relation goes beyond the collaboration of energy sources. His artistic practice is engages with architectural and mythological histories and the effect of emergent consumerism upon urban landscapes. Community engagement and cultural awareness remain integral aspects strategies for new artistic creations. He believes in combining sustainable art practices with a deep commitment to long-term involvement and interaction within the community where he is working generates a greater impact for the artistic project.

Shubho’s major achievements are: Individual Grant Award from Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in New york, USA in 2016, ‘Young Printmaker Award’, Bangladesh Cultural Ministry & Kolakendro in 2015, Fellowship at Salina Art Center, KS, USA in 2015, Residency Grant in Shangyuan Art Museum, Beijing, China in 2014, Sand Sculpture Grand prize from Bangladesh Kite Federation in 2009, Dean’s Award from University of Dhaka in 2007, Honorable award from Kelaghor in 2004, Water color Grand prize from Academy of Fine Art in Chittagong in 2001, China Sichuan Award in 1999, and receiving recognition for his innovative ideas and art projects. He works in varied mediums, such as, Printmaking, performance, sculpture, installation, video etc. as a way to express his endless thinking. He has produced many site-specific artworks that examine and deconstruct the relationship between spaces. His works were featured in solo in Bangladesh, China and USA and he has participated in many group exhibitions around the world. His works are usually held in private and corporate collections. He earned his BFA and MFA from Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and born in 26th May, 1982 in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Artist Statement

I am a visual artist and art activist, live and work in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I expose myself to celebrate life, live simply and, travel light in my journey. I refuse to engage in consumerist lifestyle and work only for pleasure and self-realization.

My artistic practice is engaged with the architectural and mythological history and the effect of consumerism on urban landscapes. I have produced many site-specific artworks that examine and deconstruct the relationship between spaces. The aim of my artwork is to discover the secret relationship of nature with its inner self. Community and Cultural engagement is one of the most important parts in my plan of Art Creation. Involvement and interaction of community generates a volume of much power into the art project and raises a united global voice. This gives a sustainable ability and quality to whole art project.

In the point of natural and cultural aspect my artworks are emotional and always carry logical views. The abstraction of the relation exchanges beyond the collaboration of energy sources. The form of object which I use in my artworks play its energy based on its vibration level. These forms are able to covert to other forms of energy entity, which shows the imitation of energy conversion.

I believe an artist is a student of his surroundings. So I use to collect art food from my daily life leading steps. Social issues touches me, I feel responsible for this. Also I am able to be contempt with my limitations. I do not like to be convinced by a single media or medium. I am confident to accept challenges in my way of art making and always open in new experience.